Guidelines for Indoor Selling

Berlin Farmers Market Policies for Vendors

Welcome, future vendors, to Berlin Farmers Market – where integrity and transparency shape our community. Before you dive in, let’s get to know our guidelines. They’re not just rules; they’re the core of a marketplace built on authenticity and trust.

Rules to Keep It Fresh and Wholesome

Let’s keep it real. We’re all about a wholesome atmosphere, so here are the rules:

NO Unauthorized Products Allowed

• Our brand investigators ensure only genuine products make it to our market.
• Violation? Swift consequences: goods seized, eviction, and legal action.

No CBD Products Allowed

• Let's maintain a wholesome atmosphere.

No Dogs Allowed

• We love pets, but for focused shopping, leave your furry friends at home.

Follow Camden County Food Regulations

• Adhere to health and safety regulations for a safe market experience. Don't forget to check out the Camden County Food Inspection Guidelines.

More Than a Space

Your Business Hub

Shared Responsibility:

Vendors, you shape our market's reputation. Together, we build success.

Transparency is Key:

Uphold the values that make us a trusted marketplace.

Ready to Build Your Business with Us? Join Berlin Farmers Market - Where Integrity Meets Opportunity!