Leasing & Daily Rentals

Berlin Farmer's Market

Leasing & Daily Rentals

Looking for the perfect spot to showcase your merchandise, plants, crafts, or join our indoor shopping center? Interested in renting a both at a flea market? Berlin Farmers Market offers a range of leasing options tailored to your needs. Here’s a breakdown of our leasing and daily rental options:

For Used Merchandise

Daily Rentals

For New Merchandise

For Plants/Produce

For Arts and Crafts

For Indoor Shopping Center

Prices depend on square footage needs.

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Berlin Farmers Market

Why Choose Berlin Farmers Market for Your Business?


Daily and monthly flea market spaces for rent to suit your business model.


Competitive pricing with special discounts for monthly commitments.

Diverse Audience

Join a vibrant community that attracts a diverse crowd of shoppers.

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