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Berlin Farmer's Market

Our History

The Berlin Farmers Market was established in 1940 and is family owned and operated. It began as a livestock and produce auction and has evolved into one of the east coast’s oldest and largest markets. The indoor market now boasts approximately 150,000 square feet of temperature controlled shopping, with over 85 stores with discount prices and something for everyone. Some of the features include an incredible butcher and Amish bakery, produce, candy, wallpaper, furniture, jewelry, footwear, leather goods, automotive supplies, and brand name clothing for the entire family, just to name a few.
The outdoor flea market is held every Saturday and Sunday and has grown to over 700 vendor spaces. It features items such as fruits and vegetables, a wide selection of shrubbery, and blooming plants in season. It also has an ever–changing variety of new merchandise such as ladies, men’s, and children’s clothing, sweatshirts, jewelry, handbags, crafts, antiques, and collectibles. Multi–family yard sales are a weekly event.

Berlin Farmer's Market

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