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Ignite Your Business at Berlin Farmers Market

Prime Outdoor Spaces for Your New Merchandise!

Calling all entrepreneurs and visionaries! Berlin Farmers Market is your chance to showcase new merchandise and fuel your business growth. Enjoy the high foot traffic and low overhead costs, making selling new products in a yard sale a profitable venture.

Ideal for New Merchandise and Growing Businesses:

Many of our indoor stores started their businesses in our outdoor market. Our outdoor market breathes life into growing businesses, providing a unique blend of exposure, affordability, and that undeniable street-level charm.

Standardized Spaces:

Your stage awaits – all spaces are a generous 12 x 30, with the added convenience of parking your vehicle right behind your selling spot.

How do I rent an outdoor space for the DAY or the WEEKEND?

Seize the day effortlessly! Show up between 6:30 am and 9 am on your selling day, and our flea market office will swiftly hand you a selling permit.

Invest wisely in your business

  • Saturday OR Sunday $40.00
  • Saturday AND Sunday $55.00
  • Friday $10.00

Map Reference

Navigate your success path with our Flea Market Map. Your prime selling spot is just a click away!

How do I rent an outdoor space for the MONTH?

Enjoy the simplicity and cost-saving benefits of monthly rentals. Your 7 am spot is guaranteed every weekend.

Visit our main office at the start or end of the month to secure your outdoor space for the entire month.

Invest wisely in your business

Berlin Farmers Market

Important Notices

Product Restrictions

Know the rules – NO CBD products allowed. Keep your yard sale authentic with genuine used merchandise.

Consequences of Violation

Avoid the pitfalls! Violations lead to goods seizure, eviction, and legal prosecution – we're serious about maintaining a high-quality marketplace.

No Dogs Allowed

For a hassle-free selling experience, please note our no-dogs policy. Create a comfortable environment for your buyers.

Ready to elevate your business and explore new business opportunities in our flea market? Berlin Farmers Market is where your new merchandise takes center stage. Visit us, connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and let your business shine in our vibrant marketplace!

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