Outdoor Flea Market Map

Berlin Farmer's Market

Your Outdoor Flea Market Adventure Awaits!

Welcome to the heart of the action – the Berlin Farmers Market Outdoor Flea Market! Our flea market is not just a market; it’s an adventure waiting to unfold. Here’s your guide to navigating the treasure trove of finds every weekend.

Navigate with Ease

Our Outdoor Flea Market Map is your compass for a seamless and delightful shopping spree. All spaces are generously sized at 12 x 30, with convenient vehicle parking behind each spot. With this map in hand, you’re in for a hassle-free journey through the market’s lively layout and amenities.

Your Invitation to Adventure

Grab your family, gather your shopping list, and head to the Berlin Farmer’s Market Outdoor Flea Market! Uncover hidden treasures, connect with local vendors, and make it a weekend to remember.