Berlin Farmer's Market

Hey Plant Enthusiasts and Farmers! Welcome to Berlin Farmers Market – Where Your Fresh Produce and Greenery Take Center Stage!

Ready to make your mark in a market that puts your plants and produce in the spotlight? Look no further. Berlin Farmers Market is where it’s at!
Nurseries, farmers, and anyone with a green thumb, we want you all! Our market is the definition of diverse, and we’re all about supporting local agriculture. Join us, be a part of the community, and watch your business grow.

Open Call to Nurseries, Farmers, and Flower Fanatics!

Show Off Your Plants – We've Got the Perfect Spot!

Got a nursery and want folks to notice your fantastic plants? Our market is the place to be. Get your green babies seen by a community that loves local, fresh stuff.

Farmers, Get Ready to Sell Your Harvest Direct to the Locals!

Calling all farmers! Your fresh produce deserves to shine, and a fresh produce stand at our market gives you a direct line to customers who appreciate homegrown goodness. No middleman – just you and your crops.

Floral Folks, Put Your Blooms in the Spotlight!

Floral enthusiasts, it’s your time to shine! Set up shop in our dedicated space and let your flowers steal the show. Customers get to immerse themselves in a sea of fresh blooms, and you get to sell your floral masterpieces.

Berlin Farmer's Market

Rent a Spot – Easy Peasy!

Wondering how to snag a spot?

Just show up between 6:30 am – 9 am, and we’ll sort you out with a selling permit.

And the cost? Saturday or Sunday: $45. Friday? Just $20.

Monthly rentals? It’s a steal at $140 for Saturday or Sunday, and $280 for both. Plus, rent for the month, and Fridays are on us!

Ready to Boost Your Business? Join Us at Berlin Farmers Market!

Nurseries, farmers, and florists, your golden opportunity is here. Showcase what you’ve got and watch your business bloom. Don’t miss out – swing by the market and set up shop. Your success story begins right here!